Geo Verifi is an Out of Home Data specialist company recently incorporated in Kenya. The company was set up with the main objective of providing Out of Home data services through OOH Data Management & Consultancy, OOH Data collection and Analytics. The OOH data includes geo-located OOH Media and Retail mapping data.
Out of Home data collection is usually a tedious exercise and often not before the data is analysed and presented requires a lengthy lead time. In Kenya today, there is no Out of Home data that is available or if it is available then it is either outdated or incomplete.
Geo Verifi seeks to make the availability of Out of Home Data in Kenya; Real Time, Current, Comprehensive and complete. We want to be the authoritative source of Out of Home Data in Kenya ensuring that clients and brands have information to help them make their Out of Home decisions with confidence.
To achieve this, we have developed an Out of Home Data collection system that is accurate and comprehensive. In addition, we have developed a robust and automated system for carrying out Out of Home Data analytics thereby enabling brands to make timely and informed Out of Home Media Planning and buying decisions.

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