Our products include the following Out of Home Data collection and analytics systems;

  • iTraxx: Out of Home Media Auditing System
  • uTraxx: The Out of Home Media Monitoring System
  • fTraxx: OOH Flighting System
  • cTraxx: OOH Market Intelligence System

We are in the process of developing and actualising an OOH measurement System (pTraxx or Traxx Planner) that will enable OOH to generate OOH GRP’s thereby enabling the Agency Media planners to effectively plan OOH seamlessly with other media touchpoints such as Radio, TV, Print and Online.
We are also offering the following consultancy and training services;

  1. OOH Management Consultancy.
  2. OOH Media Training Services – starting in Q1 2018 working in conjunction with Industry bodies (APA and KARF) we will be conducting an industrywide media training and for the first time in Kenya’s media landscape, OOH will be part of the training modules.