This is a comprehensive Out of Home Auditing system.
The Audit is carried out two times in a year and seeks to establish the status of outdoor in the country, including growth of the industry and outdoor sites ratings. The ratings determine the best sites in the country based on a set predefined rating criteria and algorithm. The exercise is independently carried out by Geo Verifi over a period of 1 month.
From the exercise, the reports generated give an accurate view of the status of OOH in the country, the occupancy, the best sites that brands are currently occupying, or which they should consider, the depth of OOH investments in individual counties and by media owners.
The reports are generated on a real time basis and clients and media owners can track the progress of the exercise and have access to interim reports as the exercise progresses.


This product is a flighting or compliance system that confirms to brands that OOH is correctly placed location wise and in the correct format and type. It is similar to Radio and TV monitoring. uTraxx ensures a high level of accuracy and the system is designed to work hand in hand with iTraxx.
The reports are generated and available real time i.e. a client is able to monitor progress of the exercise as it is ongoing and identify which locations have been verified or monitored.
This report ensures that a what has been sold to clients is what has been flighted, in the correct format and for the duration it has been booked for. The report is available on utraxx/ and can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf document for invoice reconciliation.


An Out of Home Measurement System to be used in planning OOH campaigns. Under development!


This system is a proof-of-flighting system.
It is designed to make flighting and reporting a seamless exercise by acting as an interface between the Flighting field team, the Media Owner Client Service, Media Owner Operations teams and Client (Agency or brand). Under development



Finally we are introducing to the market cTraxx which is the only comprehensive Out of Home Market Market Intelligence System. From this system, we are able to give up-to-date competitor information from across the country. Brands are therefore able to get a snap shot of their competitors visibility activities. While this system is currently designed to work well in the Outdoor space, we are working to make it more robust so that it can accommodate the other OOH media touchpoints. Under development